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Talented people are underrated 
30th-Aug-2011 07:41 pm
Whoaaa I didn't know LJ editor change so much.

Anyway, I'm now listening to Aya Kamiki on bayfm while typing this post. Maybe I'm a little slow on the news but I happened to drop by her blog this afternoon and got the shock of my life.

Aya Kamiki decided to stop releasing CDs and focus on live performances instead.

I hope this is not permanent. I love her vocals so much, she's one of my favourite female soloists and she's so effing talented. She just happened to be picked by a record company that has quite a bad management two years ago (but again I can't hate this -coughs- company cos I've got quite a number of favourite artists under them, you know who I mean). Well, I don't know if the company decided to drop her or she just decided to quit cos she got her very own goals. I guess it's better this way cos her releases under said company's been quite bad. In fact, her releases during her indies era were wayyyyyy better than her major record company releases. Some of her recent releases have been rather....crappy. Said company just do not know how to promote talented artists?

Well well.
So she's going back to doing indies music. All the best for her and hopefully she gets picked by some company who knows how to appreciate her. Or if she's happier doing live performances, why not? Musicians after all should not be controlled, by fans, by companies, etc. Musicians who are not bounded tend to make better music :)

All the best, Aya-chan! Fans love you ♥
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