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No Cry No More Icons + Others 
15th-Jun-2011 12:24 am

Oh yes, I am still alive XD I'm just lazy to go through the many posts from journals and communities on my F-list that I've missed during the time when I went on hiatus :P I will go through them one day so wait for me~~

Anyway, I've made icons. Yes AAA icons. Been a long time since I've talked about them? Haha.








Not enough screen time for Shuta and Shin T_T

I admit I'm in too many fandoms so I have problems keeping up with a lot of things. LOL. Busy fangirl. Did I say I'm really loving UVERworld's newest album, Life 6 Sense? Those who follow me on Twitter will probably know this. I've been repeating the album these few days. IT IS AWESOME *O* Makes me wanna buy but I am so broke :( Oh well.

Anyway, my favourite track out of the album is ace of ace. I don't know how to put it but the song is just TOTAL AWESOME-NESS OMGGG XD

AND. I've started watching anime for the first time. LOL. Yes, I've never finished an anime before. Manga, yes but never anime. After silystya told me about how Ouran High School Host Club is really nice, I started to watch it and I like it so far! Maybe cos I'm kinda attracted to stuff with cross-dressed theme (Uh...). HAHA. Can't wait for the life action with Yusuke!! ^-^

Mmm...What else?
OH did I say I have Tumblr? Anyway, if you wanna follow it's here. It's mostly reblogs anyway so XD

That's about all I think. I can't really remember what I've missed since it's been sooooo long since I stepped on here. So...till the next entry! (^-^)/~

15th-Jun-2011 10:30 pm (UTC)
I'm still kinda on hiatus. DX

I agree with you on Shuta and Shinjiro. =[ Definitely not enough. Lovely icons though. =]

Followed you on Tumblr. ;D
17th-Jun-2011 10:58 am (UTC)
Lol so you sneaked on here? XD
Thank you!! <33 It's a pity how they always have very little screen time :(
Thank you for following! I've followed you back! ^O^

Lovely icon, by the way! Shin x Chiaki!! *O*
22nd-Jun-2011 03:18 am (UTC)
Hahaha, something like that. ;D

I agree...although I still dislike Shuta's hair. D:

Thanks! <3
16th-Jun-2011 11:43 pm (UTC)

Ha ! I was sure I saw one of your entries in my Friends Page not so long ago ! XD


Oh, I'm not sure I want you to spam me go through everything you've missed on my journal. ;D
Also, I think I haven't talked that much about AAA either lately. =O
Nice icons by the way. And I totally agree for the lack of Shin/Shuta. T^T And way way way way too much Misako in my opinion.

Being in too many fandoms never help not being broke. =/
(I'm wondering what I'll buy in the next weeks on cdjapan since I have about 900 points -I think- which expire mid-July. DX)

Oh yeah, I forgot : I'm mentioned (once again) *O* ♥♥ XD
And I think I've read on Twitter that you ended the anime since your entry. So, how was it ? Great, right ? =D

See ya (here) on your next random entry ? XD
17th-Jun-2011 11:18 am (UTC)
Re-commenting cos of HTML failure DX

It feels like forever since I've been on here though >_<

Haha you still haven't cleared your comments, have you? :P I'll be nice and not spam you so fast and besides, I'm quite lazy to come on LJ recently too >^<

I think it's quite strange for us cos we don't really talk about AAA but when they release something new, say, a PV, we'll talk about it for a while and then go back to normal again! XD I think that's how the AAA fandom works, eh? XDD

Thank you!! <33 Haha there IS too much Misako which is again proven when I was screencapping the PV :O

I'm thinking of buying a couple of things that are gonna be released in the next few months but oh noooo I'm way too broke right now TT_TT I've got some CDJapan points too, which I think have already expired D8

YAY!! It feels like I've been mentioning you in the recent entries XDD Yup, I've finished the anime and I LOVE IT *O* Can't wait for the live-action drama now 8D

Yup, sure, see you soon! (^O^)/~

I spot a Narnia icon! *O*
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